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Focused on the Valuation of Technology
Tiger Scientific is the commercial vehicle for consulting and investment services in the technology arena, provided by Dr. F. Peter Boer and his associates.
services offered
Valuation of R&D projects and portfolios
Valuation methods are not only the key to measuring the hidden wealth within a firm's R&D portfolio, but also to judging the productivity of its R&D efforts. This process gives the answer to management's perennial question, "How much R&D is enough?"

Technology Assessment of R&D Projects and Portfolios
Technology assessment aims to determine the current competitiveness of a firm's technologies, and the ability of its R&D effort to favorably affect the basis of future competition.

Workshops on the Financial Impact of Technology
Including discounted cash flow models and options theory, this 3-day course is presented at the customer site and tailored to customer needs.

speaking engagements
Dr. Boer is an experienced speaker and keynoter who can deliver these powerful concepts effectively to either a business or technical audience, and tailor his remarks to the special needs of the group.

What is meant by valuation?
Valuation means assigning a quantitative (dollar) value - even to an intangible asset like technology.

Why is valuation important?
Because money is the only common language that brings together technologists and investors.

When is it useful?
To negotiate transactions involving technology
For decision support, "should we do this R&D project?"

Contact us at 561-369-5365 or fpboer@concentric.net regarding details and fees.

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